Thursday, October 21, 2010

We’re Still Here


We haven’t posted lately because our satellite internet system is down.  We left Byrd’s Adventure park on Saturday the 16th. As we were preparing to pack up, we went to stow our roof mounted satellite and we’d lost our wireless connection to the dish.  I had to manually stow the dish so we could travel.

10-16-10:  We are now at Aux Ark (pronounced Ozark) Corps of Engineers park just south of Ozark, Arkansas right on the banks of the Arkansas River. Our Saturday morning trip was a whopping 30 miles. At least now, we have phone reception. This park is right next to one of the locks that is run by the C.O.E. so that boats and barges can navigate the river.




This is the gates along the dam and far left is the locks.






10-17-10:  I was able to manually raise the satellite dish and was able to lock on to DirecTV.  Thank goodness for that, so far I got to watch the Cowboys on Sunday and the Rangers & Yankee’s Playoff games and Carol has been able to watch all her “must see” shows: Grey’s Anatomy, N.C.I.S., Parenthood, Oprah. This is really a nice campground just off of I-40 in Arkansas. If any of you are ever traveling this area, it is a great place to stay. Reservations are recommended since the locals keep it pretty booked up especially on weekends.

                    This is our campsite.                                This is looking north (first come/first serve)aux_ark2      aux_ark3

10-18-10:  I was on phone with tech support about our satellite D3 electronic box not working and they recommended we send it in for them to check it out more thoroughly. So Carol and I got it all packaged up and ran it to the local post office in town and shipped it to the company in Chesapeake, Virginia by overnight express.

10-19-10:  Mobile Satellite Technologies received our unit around noon and the technician was getting ready to work on it just as I called to make sure they’d received it.  Was initially told it would take a couple of hours of testing to diagnose the problems.

10-20-10:  12:00 noon called and they had reloaded the firmware and tweaked the unit and all appears to be working as it should but they wanted to hook it to a portable satellite to verify it would control the dish. Of course, it’s raining and storming in Virginia today and their reception is spotty.  So hopefully they’ll get an opening in the clouds today or early tomorrow and be able to overnight it to us so we’ll get it by Friday.

If we make it back into town today or tomorrow, I plan to find a wi-fi hotspot and get this post posted. If not, it might be Monday.

This is being posted on Thursday, 21  from hotspot.  Our unit is still down.



  1. sounds like you have had a 'technical week'!!

  2. Thanks for going to all the trouble of getting your blog posted. Hope the satellite problem get's fixed tomorrow so you can get back online with your own system.

  3. What a pain for you! Hope you get it back by tomorrow. :)

  4. Glad you at least found a hot spot. These new fangled things can really be frustrating. Stay safe.

  5. Seems like there is always something going wrong when we own a motorhome. Hope you get it fixed soon.


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