Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today’s the Day!!!


Supposedly, we’re to get our satellite controller back today so we can get back online.  I’m so far behind on reading the blogs we’re following, it will take us several days to get caught up.  Last time I checked there were 242 posts on 41 blogs we follow.  We are sitting here waiting and looking out the window down the road for the FedEx truck to arrive.  Even then, it will take some time to get the controller set up and get the wireless network to communicate.




Two days ago, we drove back across the bridge over the Arkansas River and through town  and went to a scenic overlook just across the river from the campground we’re staying in.  This first picture is of the dam & lock. Our campground is sitting along the river just inside the tree line to the right of the dam.






This is a really nice and clean campground run by the Corps of Engineers.  In this picture, if you look close, you can see the gate to the lock (bottom right) and small portion of a barge passing through.  Also, we marked the location of our 5th wheel.









This is a picture of the river valley just south of Ozark, Arkansas.




We didn’t linger too long at the overlook as the wind was blowing rather strong and was cold.  I think everyone across the U.S. has been experiencing strong winds the last few days as that major cold front swept through.  We were very lucky that we didn’t get any of the severe portions of the storms.




Well, my team, the Texas Rangers didn’t fair too well in last nights opener of the World Series.  Tonight, I’m hoping for a different outcome.  There are still six games to go and we only need to win four of them.



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