Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just an Update

We are still in Millersburg, IN. as mentioned in the earlier post.  We have a confirmed appointment for the air conditioner repair on the 30th. We tried several different options and this was the soonest we could get in. We feel it will be worth the wait since this place was highly recommended by Fox RV Repair in Middlebury that normally does our repairs (Fox doesn’t work on a/c’s).  Will be glad to get it fixed as it is 92 degrees outside as I’m writing this.
Since we’ve been here, there is another persistent problem that has re-surfaced.  Our current leveling system (electric jacks on front and rear) is failing again. We’ve replaced motors and rebuilt the shafts over and over and at $200 a pop, its getting out of hand. The problem is, this is a very heavy 5th wheel with 5 slides and weighs in around 16,000 lbs. The jacks are just not powerful enough to lift and lower this much weight again and again. Probably boils down to inadequate specs on the original design. We’ve opted to upgrade to the Bigfoot Leveling System by Quadra Mfg.. that is now standard on all the Cameo and Carri-Lite models by Carriage.



It is manufactured just 16 miles north of here in White Pigeon, MI.  We’re going with the Fully Automatic System. 



While we’re at it, we are having the Plug-It-Right Stabilizers installed.  We are scheduled to have this done on Monday the 27th.

plug it rights

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been taking advantage of the down time to catch up on our RV maintenance.  I’ve been removing all of the old caulking/sealants from the roof and front and rear caps and putting on new dicor sealant and 100% silicone caulking.



I’m going to touch up all the caulking on the sides, slides and under the trailer as well. It’s a very tedious job as I want it to turn out right and last for awhile.  I wish I had taken some before and after pictures.  I’m also replacing a lot of trim screws that have vibrated loose or sheared off. 
Carols arm is now healed and my ear infection is gone so things are looking up and I can HEAR now!!!!


  1. B.W. how do you accomplish a smooth bead on your calking. When I calk for some reason it looks like a Dirt Dopper done it.

  2. Seems like a lot of bloggers are in the midst of repairs or maintenance jobs right now. Hope all goes well getting your a/c repaired.

  3. Keep us posted on the Big Foot Leverlers. We too are interested in the product.We have added big foot levelers to our wish list.

    Stay Safe

  4. 92 degrees in Indiana? Wow. It was nice and warm yesterday here in South Western Ontario as well. This has been the perfect summer! Long and enjoyable (with the occasional humid day but that's summer!). And to think today is the "official" last day of summer. Farewell my friend. Until we meet again. =0)

    Hope all of your maintenance goes smoothly and doesn't hit the pocketbook to hard. ;)

    Glad to hear that Carols arm is healed and you can hear now! {{hugs}}

  5. Sounds like the RV Gremlins have moved in on you too. We had several problems earlier in the year. Hang in there, you will get them all taken care of, then off you go. Stay safe..

  6. Rv maintenance was what I did for years for others...so much better doing it just for myself! Safe travels


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