Thursday, September 16, 2010

The BIG “60” on the Road

Yesterday was another “Road Day” for us. It turned out to be an ALL DAY ROAD DAY. We drove a total of 392 miles and we didn’t even get started until 9:45am. We rolled into Millersburg, IN. at 9:00pm and both our butts were wore out. Literally.  Since we are experiencing a/c problems and we were not that far from the manufacturer of our rigs location, we decided to detour from our original planned route and head back to Carriage Inc. in Millersburg. Only amounts to about a 100 mile detour. Besides, being Carriage Owners, we get FREE camping here at the Carriage RV Park so why not take advantage of that. We had planned to split the trip into two days but the further I drove, the more I felt like I could make it all the way.

The main problem with yesterday and it being an all day affair is, it was Carol’s 60th Birthday. I felt so bad about it the whole way that we were not celebrating it. She kept saying it was no big deal and that it was just another day. I promised her that I would take her out for dinner later on and that I had her a present all lined up for her. She’s been trying to pry it out of me what I’m getting her, but I told her she has to wait and it be a surprise.

At least she got to see Chicago on her birthday. Neither of us has ever been there so it was exciting for us both.  Guess what time we got there? Yep! Right at 5 o’clock traffic time. We’re talking 4 and 5 lanes of traffic, both directions bumper to bumper. It took us 1 - 1/2 hours to get from one side to the other on I-90. There were fender benders every couple of miles and people driving like NASCAR drivers in and out of lanes. And of course, here we are pulling a heavy 37’ 5th wheel trailer. We try to give plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you so you’ll have enough stopping room. The cars on both sides of you see this as an opportunity to move over into your lane. Carol and I both had Major Butt Puckers the whole time. Ha Ha.

Aside from all that, WOW!!! what an impression that first glimpse of the Chicago skyline gives you the first time you’ve ever seen it.

It looks like we’ll be here in Millersburg at least 2 weeks as that is the soonest anyone could work us in for repairs. We’re going to end up at an appliance repair place as they are more qualified on air conditioning systems. We’re having exactly the same problem we had in July while in Florida. A start capacitor and fan motor for the compressor. It sounds like there is a deeper problem that is causing these to fail.  This is a Carrier A/C and they are no longer manufacturing RV a/c’s but still offer support and parts for them. So we’ll see. Hopefully we’ll end up with a whole new unit. 
Carol’s arm is just about healed and I have an appointment with an ear specialist on Monday so things are looking up.


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday! =0)

    The city of Chicago is fun to visit. Chicago traffic is not so much fun! =) If you are ever back in the area the Museum of Science and Industry is well worth the visit.

    Best wishes on getting your A/C back up and running like new again soon.

    Enjoy Indiana.


  2. Happy Birthday Carol!! Hope you had a great dinner out and got a great surprise..

    I just wondered if you got a wiff of Chicago before you reached it? I remember the first time I flew in to Chicago that was my first impression. And, it was very windy while I was there.

    Good luck with your repairs..

  3. Happy Birthday Carol!! Hope the evening was nice! Not a big fan of Chicago roads at all! Went through there once in a narrow Toyota Class C and still had white knuckles the whole time. Then there was the constant toll booths and bouncy expansion joints... Now I just drive way around it :)

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  4. Happy, happy birthday! Hope you get that dinner out real soon!
    Susan & Sam

  5. Happy Birthday Carol!
    Y'all are on the road and I can't think of a better way to celebrate any birthday.


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