Friday, August 27, 2010

Trip to Tahquamenon Falls

Our Day Trip started out mid-morning.  We drove over to the Lower Falls to start with. You enter the park along a long boardwalk and it meanders along the side of the river. As we walked the boardwalk we came upon this sign.


tahquamenon_lower_falls1It was beautiful with the sun shining on the falls and the water had a stunning color to it that made the falls appear to be liquid gold as the water crested over the rock.



The river makes a split which forms an island in the middle. This is a view to the other side from a distance as this was as close as we could get.


The whole time we were there, we had wished we had brought Sophie and Joe Cocker, our two Cocker Spaniels. It was getting close to lunch time so we decided to head back to the trailer, eat a bite of lunch, grab the dogs, then head over to the Upper Falls in the afternoon.


We’re only displaying one picture of the Upper Falls here because we shot some video there and we’ve placed it on the left side of our page for your viewing.  In the video, Carol says that the Upper Falls is 8 – 10 feet tall, but actually it is 50 feet tall.  Below the Video of the Upper Falls we also have links to other videos of ours that is hosted on YouTube.

We have a slideshow of several pictures available on the left side of our page also that we took today.

I guess I’d better stop for now. Carol put on some pinto beans in a slow-cooker before we left this morning. She’s got the cornbread started and I need to get outside and start the “Creek Fried Taters”. WOW! It just doesn’t get any better than this.



  1. Excellent footage of Tahquamenon Falls. Thank you for sharing. I hope you enjoyed your delicious meal in the beautiful outdoors. Life is good!

    Have fun! =)

  2. Great pics of the Falls! Thanks for the tour!

  3. Prayer Of The Woods is great.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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