Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today Was Doggie Day

We stayed close to home this weekend. I spent most of the day yesterday giving our Blog a facelift. You may have noticed the new layout. I felt like the Gadgets were getting out of hand and seemed to clutter up the page. I created new pages and incorporated the information that was in the gadgets into individual pages. You can see the links across the top portion of the pages. I had to use an extreme amount of HTML coding in order to pull it off.  Hope everyone enjoys the new appearance and you can navigate the information within easily.

Today, Carol worked on Sophie giving her a bath and then a haircut. Joe Cocker got to set out. It’ll be his turn in a day or two.




























I spent today working on a new RVer Spreadsheet. It will be a listing of the Presidential Libraries/Museums and pertinent information. I will post the link to the download and a preview image on the new “Our RVing Spreadsheets” page within a day or two. We’re going to try and do some sight-seeing tomorrow.


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