Monday, August 9, 2010

Tallship of Mackinaw

mackinaw_tallship (1)
Today we were just going to hang around the campground and work on one of my new projects and take it easy. My project required a run to town to pick up some 12 volt wiring supplies. So Carol and I hopped in the truck and off to town we went. Carol also wanted to visit the local Redbox and pick up a couple of movies.
On our way, I just happened to glance to my right as a view of the lake came into sight. Wow! I exclaimed, I think I just saw a large sailing ship headed towards the “Mighty Mack” bridge. Carol didn’t see it in time as the view became blocked by trees and buildings. So we both started looking for a road to turn on that might lead us to the waters edge for another view. We zigged and zagged our way through residential streets and turned down one that looked like would get us to the lakes edge. mackinaw_tallship (2)
Sure enough, it took us to a dead end cul-de-sac only a few feet from the water and an excellent view.  I also took a lot of video that I will post on the left side of the page. In the video, I was able to zoom in closer and got a better view of the TallShip. I’ve got to tell you, this is something you just don’t see everyday. Especially in East Texas.
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