Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saint Ignace, MI.

mighty_mack_bridge (2)

Yesterday, we drove across the “Mighty  Mack” Bridge from Cheboygan to Saint Ignace. Mighty Mack is just 3’ short of being 5 miles long making it the longest suspension bridge in the northern hemisphere. It is on the Straights linking Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. It’s not only long, but tall also so large ships and barges can maneuver through the Straights. In the pic above, you can barely see Mighty Mack in the background. It was a bit breezy when we crossed and we could feel the truck & trailer swaying at times. Carol and I both had “butt puckers”…..

By the time we arrived at the Straights State Park and got checked in and got everything set up, it was too late to go sight-seeing, but we did go find the scenic overlook for the bridge.

I’m battling a bit of an ear ache the last couple of days and hope to get out and about today and check out the sites.

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