Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now On Lake Superior

We drove a whopping 55 miles today and the temperature was all the way up to 68 degrees.  Sorry, just had to rub it in. This is a really tough job traveling around the country staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter but someone has to do it. 
We arrived at Brimley State Park in Brimley, MI. around noon.brimley_st_pk_mi (1) Filled up our fresh water tank on arrival. Found our site and got all set up, connected to DirecTV and Internet.  We even have a pretty Christmas Tree right in our front yard.  Very nice park here with large spacious sites.  brimley_st_pk_mi (2) Guess we’ll have to set up our “Geezer Golf” and play a few games.
We are fixing to drive into Sault Ste Marie (pronounced: sue saint marie) and visit the local Wal-Mart and restock our supplies. What would we do without Wally-World??? 
This Saturday is our 17 wedding Anniversary.  I told Carol I’d take her over into Canada for a nice dinner out and a night on the town since she’s been such a gooooood girl.  Hey, putting up with me for that long, she deserves at least one night out. Might even do some boot-scootin’.  Just remembered, we packed our boots away in storage. Guess we'll do some Nike-Scootin’ or the Flip-Flop Bop. Ha Ha!!

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