Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Locals Hidden Gem

While visiting with a neighboring camper that was here for a short stay and lived nearby, they casually mentioned a place down a long dirt road that led to a real pretty place known only to the locals. Carol, always interested in such places, made mental notes as the lady described how to get there.




About half way there I was wondering if we should just turn back and go home but decided after driving this far, might as well go on.  The gravel and dirt portions of the trip took right at an hour to drive. The road was heavily rutted and could only drive about 20 mph.


You can click on this link to see our route on Interactive Map: “Click Here”



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Once we cleared the last curve, one glance and it was worth it all. The landscape was absolutely beautiful and the lighthouse was breathtaking.






The sand dunes were preserved in their natural state. Signs posted all along the boardwalks to remain on the walkways. Once you got down to the beach where the steps ended, you could then walk on the beach as far as you pleased.



The Lighthouse is no longer functional since the light mechanism has been removed for several years once the Coast Guard quit manning it.  You are allowed to go inside, climb the spiral staircase all the way to the top if your legs can stand it. What is really nice about all this is it is free.  There were two volunteer lighthouse keepers camped just outside the gift shop. They were camped in a Class 3 small van RV. I wouldn’t want to attempt to drive or tow an RV down that “Long And Winding Road”. Wow!! That would be a good title for a song.


If you get the opportunity to go here, you need to carry along some white vinegar or some sort of insect repellant. The flies were terrible and biting us on our legs and swarming the dogs. We’ve run into this problem with flies on all the beaches we’ve been to here in Michigan this year, but just since it turned hot.   

We will probably be taking it easy tomorrow and preparing things for “Road Day” on Thursday.  We will have about a 190 mile drive Thursday to Van Ripper State Park west of here.


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