Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fresh Water Project

Carol and I decided, if we were going to continue to camp in State Parks and Federal Parks, we needed to improve our fresh water capacity and means of re-supplying our fresh water tank. We wanted to be able to re-supply our water without having to pack everything up, pull in the slides, hook up the truck, and pull the whole trailer to a water spigot, then go back to the site and unhook trailer and set everything up again. We try to do extended stays in order to hold down on costs & expenses. Unfortunately, most of these type parks only have community faucets and not all of them have threaded connections for connecting a hose. Our fresh water tank has a capacity of 100 gals. and we usually outstay that. Camping World sells a folding (collapsible) water tank/bladder that holds 45 gals.    water_project (1)
They are designed to gravity flow water from the bladder into your fresh water tank. They recommend placing them on top of your vehicle in order to gain enough height to water_project (4) accomplish this. I’m not fond of putting 375 lbs. on top of my truck cab, so I fill the storage tank in the bed of my truck. Gravity flow for 45 gals takes a long time, so I decided to rig me a 12volt water pump inline to decrease the amount of time to transfer the water(3 gpm).water_project (5)
  I had to go to the hardware store and buy some small plumbing pieces to adapt the inlet and outlet spouts to fit garden hose ends.water_project (9) 
I put an inline fuse in the hot wire along with a 12v on/off switch. I mounted the pump to a small piece of 2”x12” so the pump could be set on the ground so the water coming from the bladder would gravity flow to it. The pump will pump water up to 9 feet vertically. It’s not a real pretty site, but I had to make it so that we could transfer the water in many different conditions/circumstances that you run into while camping.water_project (8)
I bought a pair of alligator clips at an auto parts store to connect my hot and ground wires to my batteries for power to the pump.  When all was done, it looks something like this.water_project (11)To accompany this, I came up with a water manifold system (earlier project) to fit inside my docking station on the side of the trailer. I got tired of having to connect multiple hoses for the water supply, the black tank flush, re-fill fresh water tank, and a spare hose for doing odd jobs such as washing the trailer, bathing the dogs, etc. water_project (6)
I went to Home Depot and bought hose end connectors female/male, and a 4 way manifold with individual on/off valves. I had an old water hose that I cut into lengths to accommodate my needs. From Camping World, I bought a Water Tank Fill cap with a 45 degree brass hose fitting.
I then cut a piece of hose about a foot long to extend through the bottom of the docking station with a female end. water_project (7) Now, I only have to connect one/single hose from the water supply to the trailer.
All photos can be enlarged by just clicking on them.

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