Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Concert in Cheboygan

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Last night we had the experience of hearing Billy Dean (country singing star) in what practically wound up being a private concert for us. We had front row seats at the "Cheboygan Opera House" and a very small crowd in attendance. He was very personable, down home, easy spoken and just made you feel real comfortable being there. Between nearly every song, he had a funny or interesting story to tell about his career.  He sang and played his guitar for over an hour and a half.  No accompanying band, just him and his guitar. He must have sung at least 12 to 15 songs, the likes of, “Somewhere In My Broken Heart”, “Only The Wind”, “Billy The Kid”, “If There Hadn’t Been You”, and “Let Them Be Little”.
Carol and I were sitting in the parking lot outside the Opera House because we’d gotten there too early to go in. I had backed into the parking space so that it would be easy to get out when the concert was over. We were observing everyone as they drove up and got out of their cars when suddenly, Carol hollers, “That’s him!!!”, “Did you see him?”. A red Dodge Dakota pickup drove past right in front of us and he was sitting in the passenger seat. I thought Carol was going to jump out of our truck and into his, she was soooo excited.  I accused her of being a groupie as we walked into the building. Ha Ha.
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