Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beating the Heat

ez_snap_project (1) ez_snap_project (2)
My latest project for the RV.
This might be a good idea for those of you that have been suffering through the heat that has enveloped most of the country the last few weeks. This is cheaper than shades, blinds, or window tinting.
These can be mounted as permanent/temporary screens on houses EZ Snap Shade 5'x6' w/24 snaps or temporary for RV’s (wouldn’t advise driving down road with them affixed to RV). There are several means for getting them. They are pricey if ordered custom made. I preferred to do ours myself in order to save money. They are extremely easy to make. Online, you can order them custom made or find suppliers that carry the solar fabric and the snaps. The snaps come with either an adhesive base or screw in base depending on your particular situation. I know Home Depot sells large rolls of the Solar Fabric by “Coolaroo” in different widths and lengths and colors.
I opted for the adhesive base snaps for the RV’s smooth surface. The snaps are by: “EZ Snaps
. 24 Unit-Snap Kit  ez_snap_project (3)
They fit right over you existing windows & screens. It is amazing how much cooler it is inside. It doesn’t obstruct your view at all. Hard to see in, Easy to see out. We’ve gone from running two air conditioners to only using one. They block harmful UV rays, unwanted heat, and glare. Easily cleaned with just soap and water, roll up and store until needed again.
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