Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home Make-Over

Our first year on the road we had to spend 3 long hot months in the Southern Arizona Desert and the decals on the front of our trailer took a beating. Ever since they have been slowly peeling making a very unsightly appearance. I couldn't stand it any longer and decided to see if I could remove them. I began by soaking them with Goo-Gone, then heating them with a hair dryer to break down the adhesive. I then took a plastic putty knife and carefully & slowly peeled them off. Then the hard part. A heavy residue of adhesive remained. I kept spraying with the Goo-Gone and wiping naptha directly on the adhesive. After a day and a half I finally got them off and applied a coat of wax. The pics above are a "Before" & "After".  We sort of like it better "plain".
We got our truck back on Tuesday. Was in the shop over a week. Sure glad we took it in to have it looked at or we might have broke down out in the middle of nowhere. Ended up with over $1100.00 of warranty work done besides the $200 oil change and brake adjustments that we paid for.
Leaving in the morning heading up into Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, then over to Indiana for trailer repairs. Not sure yet where we'll light tomorrow night!!!

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