Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Downtime For Repairs

Now at the Carriage Inc. Courtesy RV Park. Got here on Monday afternoon. We are having our repairs done at Fox RV Service in Middlebury about 10 miles north.  We will be having our gray water holding tank replaced and our black water tank inspected while it's convenient. Will probably be an all day repair. We will take the unit to their facility on Wednesday afternoon and spend the night in front of their service bays so they can begin on Thursday morning at 7:30am. Our plans are to return here to the courtesy park after the repairs are completed. Will probably take the factory tour here tomorrow morning. We still haven't decided what direction we'll be heading in when we leave here. We've discussed going north on into Michigan then cross over into Canada and drive over thru Toronto and back into the U.S. over around Buffalo, N.Y. and continue on with our original plans of touring the North East on up to Maine. Will keep you posted.

Lots of Cameo's, Carri-Lite's in the park. Most are waiting for repairs. Been seeing some of the new 2011 models rolling out of the plant and they sure do look good. Especially the full-bodied paint jobs.

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