Saturday, July 24, 2010

All’s “FAIR” in Goshen, IN

We went to the Elkhart County Fair in Goshen Indiana today. We took the camera to take lots of pictures. What I didn’t take was good charged batteries for the camera.
Elkhart_fair (2) This was the only picture I got to take and was it a good one. Can you believe the size of this thing?  Standing over 18 hands high and well over 2000 lbs. what a beautiful Shire Equine. The hooves had to be 10 to 12 inches across.  You can see in the pic, Carol’s head doesn’t even come to his shoulders. We also saw several  Belgians that were just as big. It was extremely hot and humid but we managed to see as many exhibits as possible. We couldn’t resist the midway food vendors and opted for a big corny dog. They had to have been at least a week old and under a heat lamp just as long. Worst we’d ever eaten.
We salvaged the day by driving on over to Middlebury to the Das Dutchman Essenhaus  Amish Restaurant & Bakery. We bought fresh hamburger buns, dinner rolls, whole wheat croutons, loaf of wheat bread, and a whole coconut crème pie. As soon as I finish writing this Post, I’m going to go eat a piece.
Almost time for the Texas Ranger’s Baseball game so guess I’ll sign off and eat some pie.

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