Saturday, June 19, 2010

Smithsonian - Day 3

We ended up taking Wednesday off to recoup. So, Thursday we headed out again for the Smithsonian. We did the Aeronautics/Space Museum and the American History Museum. Carol put up with me wanting to see all the planes & rockets. We back-packed water thermos's and sandwiches with us to hold down the expense. Food is not cheap here. We went to what must be the Worlds Largest McDonalds (a pic in "Our Most Recent Pictures Slideshow on left) to sit down and eat our lunch. We then walked to the History Museum and saw the likes of: U.S. Flag that inspired the National Anthem, Abe Lincoln's Hat, First Lady's Inauguration Gowns, and much much more. The picture above is Julia Child's Kitchen. It's amazing of the thousands & thousands of articles on display in Washington and it only represents 2% of the archives that are stored there. WOW!!!  As neat as it was, it was good to leave Washington D.C.  Very crowded and hot. June is not a good time to visit here. Going to spend the next 2 weeks re-couping. Ha Ha.

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