Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Horse Threw a Shoe

At our last oil change, the report stated that our brakes were in the caution area. So when we arrived at this location and being here for 2 weeks, I decided to make an appointment with the Ford Dealer in town to have new brake pads installed.  Arriving here, we had to pull a LONG, STEEP grade and I noticed the Temp Gauge was heating up a little while it was going through the "Cleaning Exhaust Filters" stage. So, when we took the truck in Monday, I mentioned the over-heating so they could check the coolant levels while it was there. We were waiting on the work to be done in the waiting room and the mechanic came in to explain that the brakes looked practically new and didn't need replacing. I explained that I also had a soft brake pedal so he went back and bled the brake lines and did some adjusting on the ABS (anti-lock brake system). He then came back and questioned us on what exactly was going on when the truck started to heat up. He showed some concern and said he needed to explore a little deeper. Turns out he had to order some parts and it is now Sunday and we still don't have our truck back. We got a loaner car from them to drive in the mean time. We went by to check on it a couple of days later and they had the whole front grill, radiators, a/c coils, fan blade off along with all the wheels laying on the floor. Hopefully, we will hear from them tomorrow and pick up the truck. We are scheduled to leave here on Friday and must, because of the holiday weekend and there is no space available for us.

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