Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Name Among 1000's

This is a picture of a portion of the Viet-Nam Wall in D.C. The name enclosed in the yellow rectangle is Dennis L. Talkington. It's in section 5E - Line 97. Dennis was a high school classmate of mine and  we graduated the same year 1964. After graduation, me and another classmate and friend of mine, David Dickson joined the Marines together on the Buddy Plan. I didn't see Dennis again until 1965 when I was in a staging area just outside of Camp Pendleton, CA getting ready to load our Tanks & Equipment on board Navy Ships waiting off shore in preparation for mounting out for Viet-Nam. Dennis appeared suddenly and unexpectedly at my Tank late one afternoon. At the time, I didn't even know he had enlisted in the Marines also. We talked about our high school days and what we'd been doing since. He also was preparing to leave for Viet-Nam. We had a good visit and said our goodbyes. 

I didn't see Dennis again until almost a year later when I'd come back from Viet-Nam and was home on leave on my way to being stationed on the East coast. Dennis came home the same time, only he'd been killed in action by a mortar round. I sadly attended his funeral dressed in my Dress Blues Uniform wishing the whole time that we'd talked a little longer that day sitting on top of my Tank. You just never know. I spoke to his Mom & Dad after the funeral was over and told them of our meeting that day and they seemed extremely pleased. His Mom hugged me tearfully for a long time.

I felt it appropriate and necessary to find his name on the wall and pay my respects while being here. 

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