Monday, May 17, 2010

Home Again !

As we turned off of the Old Savannah Highway onto a street with brick pillared columns on each side with old metal signs embedded in them that read “Parkwood Estates”, I could tell how excited she was  about being there once again. After 47 years, she was back to where she grew up.  As we wandered down one street and then another and around each corner, the closer we got to her old street, the more excited she became.

When we finally turned onto her street and she turned her head away to hide the tears, all the hours and all the days of driving to get her there, was soon forgotten. The closer we got to her old house, the more excited she got and was literally bouncing in her seat .  As we pulled up in front of the house and I looked deep into her tears, and listened to her quivering voice, suddenly, she was 12 years old again. Just as in all the stories I’ve heard through the years about her childhood there, she was once again riding her bicycle up and down those streets, playing in the yards with all the other kids that once lived there.

Some of the people of the neighborhood that live there now came out and greeted us and inquired why we were there. They were very friendly and had lots of stories about the area and things that had happened and changed there since Carol had left some 47 years ago. They and I both encouraged her to go up to the house and enquire with the owners if it was okay to take a few pictures outside the house. Not only did they agree to that, they invited her into the house. I didn’t go with her as I wanted this to be her moment “Somewhere In Time”.   She later told me, as she turned to walk down the hall to where her and Kathy’s (sister) bedrooms were, she was totally overcome with emotion, broke down completely, and was unable to speak. The owners were concerned if she was okay and asked if the house had changed much, to which her difficult reply was, “no”.  She took a picture of the fireplace where she once stood to keep warm.

We drove from there over to her old elementary school where she used to chase her first boyfriend around the playground. By this time it was beginning to get dark and we headed back to the trailer.

I know for her, that this day will become another great memory as did all the others, and a great memory for me also. I’m happy she shared it with me.

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