Sunday, April 18, 2010

Disney World

We (Gary, Wendy, Carol, and Myself) finally made it to Disney World. WOW! What a place. Totally mind-boggling as to the size and quality and detail of the parks. We were there 11 hours and were only able to partially see Hollywood Studios Park and Magic Kingdom Park. There are 3 more parks that we didn't even get to.  Gary & Wendy have friends that work there and they gave us FREE passes for the day. 

We had a great time even though I had a rough time. I fell casualty to two of the rides right off the bat. Probably the two most exciting rides in all of Disney World. The first one was "Rock & Roller Coaster". This thing launches like a rocket, no kidding!!! I can't even begin to guess how fast it was. We took off like a rocket into a black hole of absolute darkness. You couldn't see anything so you were unable to anticipate the upcoming moves of the coaster. It had full body harnesses but I was still thrown around like a rag doll. I think it was here that my hearing aid was jettisoned from my right ear (we didn't discover it missing for a while). We were only able to report it to "Lost & Found" in hopes of recovering it. We called back this morning to check and nothing was found. So, a $6,000 hearing aid was probably swept out with the trash. This ride left me totally messed up. I broke out in a cold sweat and was totally pale. Of course all of our group was humorously entertained by this.

We then immediately proceeded to the next ride, "Hollywood Tower of Terror". I just thought the roller coaster was bad, this thing ended up scaring the Sh_t Out of Me!!!! If you haven't ridden this thing, it sneakingly takes you up about 18 floors high (in total darkness) and doors in front of you open up and you can see the entire state of Florida, then suddenly drops you about 2 floors, then back up 2 floors, then drops you 4 floors, then takes you back up, THEN DROPS YOUR ASS INTO OBLIVION. Then back up maybe halfway then a free fall just shy of the bottom. I told GOD if he'd just let me live till I could get off, that I'd never get on anything like that again.   

From that point on, I was pretty much wasted. I was having cold sweats, wobbly knees, hypertension, cold wet compresses on the back of my neck, and adrenalin headaches. For the rest of the day, for our little group of four, it was pretty much, go here and drag B.W. then go here and drag B.W.  ha ha.  

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  1. Just one small correction to your Disney blog.....Tower of Terror is not in total darkness.....your eyes were closed so tightly not a glimse of light would shine through, lol. Love you Dad and I had a blast. Next time we'll hit Epcot and just eat all day!!


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