Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yesterday's Adventure going to Zapata,TX

Yesterday we left Del Rio a day early to beat the rain and forecast afternoon thunderstorms in Zapata. Well, we didn't make it. It rained on us most of the way. Going down U.S.83 trucks pulling out onto the highway from the oil fields had mud spread from shoulder to shoulder. By the time we got to Zapata it looked like we had a brown trailer instead of a white one. When going thru Laredo, Carol needed to stop at PetCo to get more food for the doggies and maneuvering a double-tow thru town was NOT fun. When we signed in at the RV Park Office (4:30pm) we were assigned a site (no gravel or concrete) and went over to check it out. Well, there was a truck and boat parked in the site and the owner was no where to be found. Mgr. called his cell phone and he was in Laredo and had not left his keys with anyone. About 7:00pm he shows up and moves his rig. We proceed to back our trailer into the site (been raining here for 4 days). The trailer immediately sank up to the rims and the trucks rear wheels were off of the pavement. After several attempts to pull out the entire rig, truck& trailer was STUCK.  Called the mgr. and they brought over a huge dump truck and hooked up a chain and pulled us out.  We dry camped over in front of the office last night and got a fresh start and site in another area this morning. We are now settled in once more. Spent the afternoon washing the roof of the trailer off and flooded our neighbors area that is in a motorhome behind us. Hope to clean the rest of our trailer the next two days along with our boat and our truck that are also filthy. 

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